31 Best New Year Resolution Quotes and Slogans for 2019

New Year is almost here and we are busy enjoying and parting but let me ask you how many of you have already made a new year resolution. I know for some it’s just a changing of date but let’s make this new year full…

50+ Inspirational Quotes about Photography by Famous Photographer

photography quotes

Photography is one of the hot carrier options among youngsters this time. Photography is an art. Starting from black and white picture we have witnessed a great revolution in technology and photography because earlier photographers only use simple and the sober camera but as you…

40+ Collection of Grief Quotes and Sayings to uplift you in difficult time

Grief Quotes

Life is full of surprizes. Nothing is permanent in this world not even we all. Many times we felt very low and demotivated, where we started thinking that everything is lost and there is no solution of Grief. But in this world time flies and…

45+ Wise and Eye-Opening Revenge Quotes and Slogans

Revenge Quotes

Revenge is an action to hurt or harm someone who did Bad with you in past. Many people spend their entire life to take revenge on their enemies. They don’t understand that revenge isn’t an option it will just ruin everyone’s life connected with them….

51+ Deeply Inspiring Charity Quotes and Slogans – Helping People Quotes

Charity Quotes

If you have ever helped anyone? It’s not always financial help but you can also contribute your part by solving other’s problem. I always believe in Karma and Charity because there is nothing like Luck or destiny. We get what we give to others. Karma…